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“The four of us were birdwatching on an NCL cruise to the Antarctic (which worked very well). We also wanted to make the most of each day spent in the ports visited. Our guide for Puerto Madryn was Agustin or ‘Agus’ who was wonderful, his intimate knowledge not only of the birds, their habits and where to find them but also of the other wildlife of the area was first rate. This together with his unhurried pace and knowledge, which he willingly shared made for a wonderful day. It was very interesting to hear about his research, photography, and about his next book. We would have loved to have had longer and would really recommend booking with Agus. Once again Agus thank you for our memorable day.”


Suffolk & London, UK

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“A friend and I were lucky enough to have Agustín as a guide in November 2022. We could not have had a more knowledgeable and personable guide than Agustín. His in-depth knowledge of the birds of the Valdés Peninsula was astonishing and he shared it with us willingly. I would recommend him as a guide for anyone who loves birds and nature and wants to explore this unique area in Argentina with an expert. For three days he not only located and identified the endemic and special birds of the area but also shared their behaviors and natural histories. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


Texas, USA

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“Diane my wife and myself are avid Birders from South Africa. While enjoying a 15 day South America Cruise; (departing from Santiago (Chile) and ending in Buenos Aires (Argentina)). We found Agustin to be the most likeable, professional and knowledgeable bird guide. He knows the local environment and birds very well and within seven hours we had found 56 local birds including some of the very tough endemics like the Patagonian Canastero, White-throated Cacholote, Carbonated Sierra-finch and the rare Band-tailed Earthcreeper. What we enjoyed the most was the fact that he was so professional and so well prepared. He knew exactly where to take us, to enable us to successfully find the tough birds mentioned above. We enjoyed the pace of the trip and we never felt rushed and we would definitely recommend Agustin to anyone wishing to bird in the area of Puerto Madryn and Patagonia.”


Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa

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“Agustin knows the local endemics —and where to find them— like the back of his hand. As an ear birder on my home turf, I especially appreciated how he could zero in on the slightest sound. And on top of it all, he’s a super-friendly guy. It’s an unbeatable combination.”


New York City, New York, USA

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“Thank you for a wonderful day birding in the Puerto Madryn and Trelew area. Your knowledge of the local habitats and birds to be found in each area was extensive and enabled us to see some really great birds, with very good views of many. I enjoyed seeing some nesting birds and the Burrowing Parrot wall. You worked very hard to find the endemic birds in the area and other specialties. I really appreciate your efforts. I got 23 new birds for my trip list.”


Qld, Australia & Vancouver, Canada

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“I visited Puerto Madryn as my final destination in my travel to Antarctica, Chile and Argentina. Before heading back home and booked a full day with Agustin. In 6 weeks I saw a total of 124 species, while on a single day with Agustin I saw 73 species. Agustin is very knowledgeable about the area and its birds, and knows with almost pinpoint precision where to find them. It was very interesting to see the nesting sites of the Rufous Hornero, Burrowing Parrot, Turkey Vulture, Chimango caracara and Southern Crested Caracara. I would have never found these on my own and there lies Agustin’s added value. He did his best to accommodate my wishes and the day was a very pleasant experience. I would recommend his services to anyone that wants to go birding in the rich and diverse area around Puerto Madryn.”


The Netherlands

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“Agustin Esmoris is the perfect host for a birder in the Puerto Madryn area. His background as a photographer makes him very conscious of how to get the best views of the birds, and his infinite patience ensures that no species are missed, if they are around. He is both gentle and interesting, and the six hours in his company just flew by. I would recommend him to any serious birder in the area. You will not be disappointed.”


Upperton, Petworth, UK

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“I did a ‘long one day’ birding with Agustin Esmoris. We started the day with Golfo Nuevo area – the coast near Puerto Madryn and subsequently visited the valley area. We birded at diverse habitats – canyons, cliffs, lakes, and so on. Even though the day was less than perfect, it rained most of the time, at times a bit heavy, we continued birding and managed to spot the expected species at each location. Agustin has intimate and up-to-date knowledge of the area which is very crucial for visiting birders like me who have limited time (in my case I only had a day at Puerto Madryn). This was my first time birding not just in Argentina but in the neotropical region. It was fun and interesting to compare and contrast habits and behavior of ‘old world’ species and that of the neotropics. Thank you Agustin for a very rewarding birding day!”


Mumbai, India

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“We really enjoyed birdwatching with Agustin in the Puerto Madryn / Chubut / Peninsula Valdes area of Argentina. We were visiting Patagonia from North America and he was able to show us a number of new birds. Some of our favorites were Burrowing Parrots, the Magellanic Horned Owl, and King, Imperial and Magellanic Cormorants (nesting). Agustin is a wonderful guide. He is a nature enthusiast, knowledgeable, and an excellent teacher. We appreciated the time he spent with us. We were even able to spend some time checking out a hairy armadillo during our travels that day. We would love to go out with Agustin again someday and would definitely recommend this birdwatching tour to people of all abilities. He is willing to go the extra mile to give you the best experience possible. Thank you Agustin for an amazing day 🦉!”


Salem, Oregon – Middleton, Idaho – Caldwell, Idaho

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“Thank you Agustin for a great day!! The tour far exceeded my expectations. I was very pleased with the number and variety of birds we saw. Thank you for ensuring we explored so many different environments in such a short time. I was particularly pleased to see the burrowing parrots, the flying steamer ducks, the tufted tit-tyrant, and the white-banded mockingbird. We fully enjoyed our day. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!”


Vancouver, Canada

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“Agus – thank you once again for such a fantastic day out birding in Puerto Madryn! Your skill as a birding guide is absolutely spectacular. Ted and I appreciated your excellent communication and detailed itinerary prior to our trip, your ability to identify every bird we saw, and your flexibility throughout our day together to take more time at some locations and less at others. We highly recommend your services!”


Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

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